Hephaestus; the mythological Greek god of forges, volcanoes and the blacksmith's fire.

This was the focal point while creating this collection of tracks.


Glass Mirage

This track was composed pulling inspiration from Gillian Flynn's "Utopia". Jeff Russo's original opening sequence track, in it's simplistic beauty, captures elements of sci-fi and suspense while maintaining a slight sense of dread.

Similar stripped-back techniques were used to create this track while allowing the subtle percussion to explore the space.


"Fading Numbers" is a short film shot in Perth, Australia. Directed by local filmmaker Aron Attiwell, the story focuses on the plight of prisoners of Nazi concentration camps during World War II and furthermore the current remaining survivors as their 'numbers fade'.


This soundtrack is a collection of songs that were written to accompany a director's cut version of the film.